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Practice Administration

amHealth makes managing your practice easier by empowering the healthcare professionals at the frontlines of your facility.

Manage Patient Queues With amHealth, you can check-in scheduled appointments and add walk-in patients in one seamless queue.

Track Payments amHealth helps you handle collections and understand your patients’ payment histories.

Communicate Internally Our program enables your staff to communicate via SMS and email.

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Patient Record Management

amHealth allows you to manage your patients’ information

Keep a Patient Record amHealth simplifies the tracking of your patients’ personal and health information.

View Visit History Our medical record gives you access to a patient’s past visits and can be linked to a family member’s contact info for outreach.

Use Lab and Prescription Forms amHealth has standard forms, making labs and prescriptions easy to complete and print.

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Group & Individual Messaging

amHealth helps you stay connected to your patients before and after their appointments via SMS and email.

Automate Medication Reminder amHealth’s medication reminders improve your patients’ satisfaction and health outcomes by helping to increase medical adherence.

Notify Groups Our solution allows you to send messages to groups of patients regarding health information, disease outbreaks, marketing and health campaigns and loyalty programs.

Tailor Communications With amHealth, you can create personalized and targeted messages for individuals.

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Appointment Calendar

amHealth’s simple and usable appointment calendar allows you to schedule your patients’ visits with ease.

Create a Multi-Practitioner Calendar With our easy-to-use interface, you can manage the appointment schedules of any number of practitioners.

Automate Appointment Reminders amHealth links reminders to your calendar to help you reduce costly missed appointments.

Notify Patients of Schedule Changes With amHealth, you can contact your patients via SMS or email to cancel or reschedule their appointments as needed.

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